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FINAO Is Your School Platform For College, Career, and Life Readiness

School culture and academic opportunity - Failure Is Not An Option

School culture and academic opportunity - Failure Is Not An Option

- A student-led platform for your school's activities and inclusion

- Evidence-based & data supported climate and culture

FINAO serves your mission to guide each student’s self-realization journey as a catalyst for identifying what culture and "self" means for themselves while respecting what it means for others, creating a best version definition of themselves.  The result is an enhanced mindset of inclusiveness and empowerment authentically applied to their engagement with school activities.  The experience is a safe, positive, fun, and inspiring creation of your school culture and climate - enhancing and fostering opportunities for academic achievement.  And it's all measurable.  FINAO let's students lead in the creation of goals and actions that reflect their entire self and their youth culture for every group, club, team, event, etc., within your school… all of it student led & student owned.

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"I really believe that FINAO has helped me in my own life and I love its mission.”

Taylor, student leader at Snohomish HS

For Youth. By Youth.

integrating lifestyle, culture, and learning

FINAO is designed with feedback, advice and guidance directly from students & educators, and is created specifically with youths’ needs in mind. The FINAO platform is rich with features and full of possibilities. It is our mission to continue evolving the platform to incorporate design and user experience elements that resonate with youth, reflect the school brand and identity, and have lasting staying power. 

Your school's FINAO platform leverages the greatness of youth by engaging with who they are (and their generational values) on their own terms...and in the palm of their hands. A place with no drama, no bullying, no bashing – a safe & encouraging space, allowing them to bring their best selves to the lead position of their educational journey.

Failure Is Not An Option.



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1) Enhanced and measured results on Inclusion, Climate, Culture, and Activities Engagement (Continuous Data)

2) Increased resource efficiency while managing all school activities, events, and teams (reduced educator workload)  

3) Educator dashboard with local and regional comparative data

4) A school branded tool for managing and sharing all school initiatives and programs

5) A safe space for students to be who they are both outside and inside of school - a social balancing in the digital world

6) A mindset for goals and learning - A community platform and system for life, by one's own definition of success

7) Student owned communications and sharing

8) Real-time viewing and sharing best practices locally, regionally, or nationally