Japanese Students & FINAO

FINAO had the pleasure of being contacted by a group of Japanese college exchange students who discovered FINAO while researching local Washington companies. Upon discovering FINAO, they were immediately excited about the platform and it's ability to positively effect climate and culture change for youth. Kitori Kojim and Mioki Osasa reached out directly to schedule a visit to the FINAO offices and to learn more about the FINAO platform.  After speaking with Wallace Greene and learning about the revolutionary systems approach of FINAO, they requested to take the platform over the pond and introduce it into the Japanese educational landscape. Kitori & Mioki are currently studying in Washington and plan to return to Japan soon after, where they are excited to introduce & advocate the many changes that FINAO could help bring.  Kitori & Mioki are also excited about the opportunities for schools in Japan and the US to collaborate - to share international learnings and experiences through the platform. Together, they are working on an editorial article that will be published in Japan to circulate the message & potential impact of FINAO in Japan! 

Kentaro Kojima and Mioka Osasa and Wallace Greene.png
Wallace Greene