A Social-Emotional Learning at waca 2018

The WACA (Washington Activities Coordinators Association) 2018 Conference was held March 14-16, welcoming over 300 attendees.  This years' theme was Peace Love Music!

During the conference FINAO created an interactive survey where  attendees were asked a question.  Their answers were graphically posted to their school districts on a map.  The overall results were very informing.  The question was:

"What do you want to focus on this year to foster a positive learning community at your school?"

A - Social-Emotional Learning

B - Empathy and Self Awareness

C - Communication

D - Leadership

E - Digital Presence

The overwhelming response was, B - Empathy and Self Awareness (80%).  Followed by, A - Social Emotional Learning (15%).  We had lots of discussions regarding how to best execute on all of the above options (A-E), and how to collect real-time data that informs activities!

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Wallace Greene